Message from his Excellency, Ato Murad Abdulhadi, President of the Harari People’s Regional State

Ethiopia, in addition to its acclaim as the cradle of human race, has managed to accommodate peoples of different religious and linguistic backgrounds, billeting speakers of more than 86 different languages in a peaceful coexistence and solidarity all through the ages. This is a remarkable social value. Having a legacy of ancient civilization, Ethiopia has also earned great respect and fame in the international arena for its cultural and natural heritages in which its people have envisaged and materialized. Living in a country of diversity with different Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, our entire history and heritages are also ingrained with this echo of assortment. The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples in the country have firmly laid down the foundations and shaped the peculiar image of the great Ethiopia in unison. Having said that, they have also their own respective identity, languages, cultures, religions and history. Thus recognizing these values, studying, preserving, promoting and passing them from generation to generation have a commutative effect on the development of the country at large.

Respecting the rights of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples and recognizing their identity guaranties socio-economic and political transformation. Thus, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Government make sure that there is equitable distribution of wealth and political power among the people of the country by restructuring the country into nine regional states and two city administrations. This enabled the people to practice self-administration and preserve as well as enrich their respective social values. That is how the Harari People have been recognized as a region under the federal structure. Making use of this opportunity, the region has been practicing self-administration for the last two and half decades, thereby contributing their own share in the overall development of the country.

Currently, a wide range of activities are taking place to further the development of the region. Specifically, culture and tourism sectors have been given due attention, and a revitalization package have been designed to enable the sectors to play pertinent role in the economic growth and sustainable development of the region. Since Harari People’s Regional State is endowed with enormous tangible and intangible heritages, it is paramount importance to safeguard, promote and revitalize the heritages and make it accessible to tourism. With regard to this, a conducive environment for tourists is being created in terms of restoring damaged cultural artifacts, organizing museums, organizing exhibitions, setting up ecological parks, constructing roads in both urban and rural areas, improving the provision of drinking water and increasing the number of standard hotels.

The celebration of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day, which is annually observed on 29 Hidar, to commemorate the day of the ratification of the FDRE Constitution - an actual document of formal testimonies by all peoples of our country- has been playing a significant socio-economic role by way of reinforcing the sense of unity among our nations, furthering the promotion of cultures and advancing tourism. Each region that hosts this grand celebration by taking turns has got an opportune to make the store of their natural and cultural wealth widely known. Having taken its turn to benefit from this opportune moment, Harari People’s Regional Government is carrying out the necessary activities as the host of the 11th grand celebration of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day in order to further publicize its unique cultural and natural heritages.

In the last two and half decades of self-administration, Harari People’s Regional State has exerted every effort to maintain, develop and promote the culture, language and heritage of its people. The celebration of this national holiday in the region has provided us with a fruitful opportunity to effectively achieve these goals.

I thank you!

Ato Murad Abdulhadi

President of the Harari People’s Regional State

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City of Hareri

In the last two and half decades of self-administration, Harari People’s Regional State has exerted every effort to maintain, develop and promote the culture, language and heritage of its people.

H.E. Ato Murad Abdulhadi  

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