Natural Heritage

The Erer Valley ፡ you can spend the best part of a day enjoying the scenery of the valley which is a natural reserve and protected wood land. Ten(10) kms further is the town of Babile known for its natural mineral water.

The Dakhata: Situated along the road to Jijiga and just five (5)kms from Babile is Dakhata, where weird wind weathered rocks can be seen respecting local culture. In Dakhata, there are various species of birds, small mammals, hyenas, monkeys and forest reserves, although these are not well developed. The elephant sactuary is just 5 km from the town of Babile where giant wild African elephants are found.
If you arrive on Tuesday or Tuesday in Babile town you will have a chance to see the camel market

Caves: Harar possessed many caves. All of them are aged ones. To mention some of them Aye Kokohey, Aw Abadir cave, Aw Hakim cave, Aw said Ali cave and many others. Some of these are suitable to travel inside.

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City of Hareri

In the last two and half decades of self-administration, Harari People’s Regional State has exerted every effort to maintain, develop and promote the culture, language and heritage of its people.

H.E. Ato Murad Abdulhadi  

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